About P.A.T.H.

P.A.T.H (which stands for: Providing Access To Help for Families with Special Needs) was first organized in 2005 due to the lack of support and resources for families struggling to help their children with special needs.  Three moms: Deb Doyle, Veronica Behme, and Myria Normann faced obstacle after obstacle when simply looking for answers.  As luck would have it, the three found each other and joined forces to help pave away for other families, so they didn’t feel like they were alone in this journey.

There was A LOT of help along the way, including seed money and some ‘recycled” office equipment from the Moravian Church, grants from the then WCDD, the Door County Community Foundation, and the Raibrook Foundation, and countless fundraisers throughout the years to keep the programs that we’ve established going.  The Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church sheltered PATH under their 501 (c) 3, and was our “home base” for over 10 years.  

The goals and programs have grown dramatically since those first few years. In 2016, the decision was made to become our own 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and in October 2018 we purchased the Jaycee Clubhouse.  We look forward to the exciting things that the future hold for our families.